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Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Staying Power

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is not the first Counter Strike title, but it is the longest lasting. Released in 2012, the game has averaged a gain of an additional 50,000 players year over year. While the player base is smaller than that of recent smash hits such as Overwatch and Fortnite, it has stood the test of time. A low price and numerous options for avatar customization have kept CSGO's audience engaged for over half a decade, making it one of the most stable titles in the market.

Most importantly, Counter Strike and its developers, Valve (which owns Steam) and Hidden Path, have been supportive of competitive play the whole time. Valve has organized minor and major league competitions for the game, which are held in four regional divisions.

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For a game which emerged as a modification, in the same manner that DayZ grew from Arma II, Counter Strike has made magnificent strides in two decades of existence. While Valve could easily expand the game for next generation capabilities, many players are satisfied with the current capabilities. This means great things for any organization looking to organize a team.


The game is only $15 per copy on Steam, with full support for competition. Furthermore, the game has an 88% positive review rating on Steam, with nearly two million reviews. By contrast, the latest Call of Duty title, the much anticipated World War II, sits at only 54% positive reviews on Steam, with only ~12,000 reviews. The trend is similar across other titles - CSGO is beloved by all who pick it up.

With this in mind, the higher median age of CSGO players is no cause for concern. All that would be required for a university to capitalize on the CSGO platform is that it be offered to the students, and some incentives offered. Even those new to the game will become invested quickly enough if given the opportunity. 

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