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Esports is by no means a new industry, but the growing professionalism surrounding the market certainly is. What once was a self contained competition industry is now gaining investors from other athletics organizations, such as New England Patriot's owner, Robert Kraft. While Esports was legitimate before this wave of outside investment, it now has potential about which Valve and Microsoft could only have dreamed a decade ago. Granted, they probably were dreaming about it. Probably also looking for ways to make it happen. But you get the point.

If you're looking to get into the Esports market, it's likely you're one of two types. Either you're a team looking for the best way to compete at a serious level, or you're an administrator/investor looking to sponsor a team at the collegiate or professional level. Just as with any sport, eSports requires someone to communicate and organize on behalf of all parties. That's where we come in.

We'll make all the arrangements for your organization to become a serious competitor as the next generation of Esports comes into being. We're on the cusp of innovations in gaming which will change the face and perception of online gaming forever. Let us help you make it big.

Supported Esports

SignalPoint has a growing list of supported Esports which we are currently equipped to manage. As the market grows, so too does our range of offerings. You can check out what's currently supported by clicking on any of the titles below, and if you don't see one, we'll be happy to look into it for you. Just send us an email.


Fortnite has captured the attention of over 125 million players between the ages of 13 and 55. The free to play combo Survival Shooter/Battle Royale game is seeing unprecedented success as a casual and competitive title - success that your organization could certainly tap. 


League of Legends is an old title, but one of the most consistently praised of the past decade. Independent from services like Steam, League offers a unique experience for players, from the backstory to the gameplay. And, it's got a college league just waiting for you to dive in.


Overwatch takes all the good things about First Person Shooters - fast pace, exciting animations, and lots of action - and combines it with the team centered gameplay of MMORPG dungeons. It's the ultimate team Esport. 


CS:GO may look like a late 2000's Call of Duty title, but it has the staying power of World of Warcraft and League of Legends. For an FPS, Counter Strike: Global Offensive has stood on its own two feet for an astounding period of time at 6 years without dropping below its debut numbers. Inexpensive, supported, and consistent, CS:GO is a valuable addition to any Esports program.

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