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The Competition of the 21st Century

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Esports is the industry name for competitive video game playing. While that might have been a funny concept in 2003, it's evolved into a serious, lucrative, and highly competitive market in the past decade. Players of all ages compete for money, prizes, and fame in arenas across the world. The potential for success and profit is enormous, and it's literally at your fingertips. Remember that geeky kid who always wore heavy metal t-shirts and wouldn't stop talking about Starcraft in high school? Well, he's probably not competing professionally, but people who smell less like Cheetos are. And they're making more money than Chad the star quarterback and his freshman girlfriend Stacy ever dreamed. So how do you get involved? Well, that's what we do. We offer consulting services for a market that nobody born before 1990 actually understands. Except Colin, but he's a total dweeb.

That said, Esports is an all but untapped market for driving revenue at the Amateur, Collegiate, Semi-Pro, and Professional levels. With a potential market of over two billion gamers, and countless more viewers, Esports is an unprecedented sports industry. Without the restrictions of travel and gender or the massive input costs of stadiums, Esports can give your organization a funding boost, provide a new way to entice future clients, and lower admission defections at the university level.

Let us show you what we've got.

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