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Marketing Strategy

We'll work with you to create a targeted, efficient approach to marketing your brand which not only expands your potential client base, but also saves you money. You've created a great product or service, so let us find the people most likely to pay you for it.

We bring decades of sales experience to the table, as well as website design capabilities, SEO management, and graphic design. Most importantly, there's none of the hassle of dealing with a big name marketing firm.

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Social Media Planning

Social Media is one of the most effective tools for advertising. Take full advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more with our personalized social media planning.

We'll find the best content to share, write blog posts for you, and target the right demographics through powerful software, all to bring customers to your doorstep already wanting to buy what you're selling. You'll just have to process the transaction.

Automation Management

We'll use state of the art automation technology to make sure that you never miss out on a potential lead. Be it emails, scheduled social media posts, blogs, forms, surveys - we've got it covered. 

You won't have to lift a finger to reach both new and returning customers. Our programs will sort and contact your clients with offers, specials, newsletters, and more, keeping them engaged and more likely to return in the future.

How Do We Do It?


What is Marketing Attribution? Attribution is the identification of the source or sources which can be most legitimately designated as having connected a target audience with and intended conversion,


Targeted Discovery Optimization utilizes SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) to identify opportunities to increase brand awareness through pursuing visibility on websites outranking your current position for a chosen search query. 



Conversions are instances in which an ad is clicked and an action is taken. Pay per click allows a marketer to bid for placement on SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) by identifying likely search queries that a desired audience might use to find the advertisers product, service or content.  

Our Team

Colin Mattis,

Founder / Managing Partner

Founder and eternal noob Colin Mattis began his career selling Highline automobiles during college in the early ’90s. Amazed by the number of consumers unwilling to consider vehicles without cupholders for their lattes, and always in tune to the up and coming, Colin took note of this sudden devotion to specialty coffee and the subsequent re-emergence of the café scene on the West Coast in the early 1990s and chose to jump into the untapped East Coast market before certain companies became household names. In 1995 Gryphon Café was born and Philadelphia’s Main Line became home to one of the world’s first Cyber Cafes. The Syte @ Gryphon Café was a T1 connected Internet Lounge hosting e-mail accounts and Quake tournaments - four years before early adopters began using broadband.  

Leaving the world of Coffee to return to the world of fine automobiles, Mattis rose through the ranks to become Director of Marketing and Information Technologies for Park Avenue Motor Cars. Once again seeing market potential where few others could, Colin recognized the value of organic search and became a student of Search Engine Optimization. Years of practicing the art of SEO and worshipping at the altar of Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin, these dealerships are the dominant online presence in their markets.​

Now, that same instinct drives SignalPoint Media Group as we also dive into the world of Esports, a rapidly growing community of casual gamers, part-time streamers, and professional players. With over two billion video game players around the world, the market potential for this sporting competition-based industry has never been greater.

Aidan Mattis

Collegiate Operations

Why do we have a 22-year-old college student on our team? Because he's a natural salesman with a gift for writing and speaking. Only a few years out of high school, he's gained experience as a journalist, an opinion writer, a website designer, content writer, brand ambassador, cutlery salesman, and author. Oh, and he briefly acted professionally as a young teenager. If you can put him in a room with a product or service, he can convince your potential client to buy it. How else could someone sell $9,000 worth of cutlery in five weeks at age 18? That general knowledge in mind, Aidan has some expertise in the world of Esports.

There aren't many people better qualified to handle the collegiate side of Esports than a college student with 17 years of experience in gaming. Aidan's expertise in terms of the gaming world is impressive enough, but a background in sales, customer service, and a great deal of experience with the political hoops of University funding politics, he is an invaluable asset as a liaison between Esports teams and the University.

The younger Mattis brings a wealth of experience to the table, fully informed on video games including the Real-Time Strategy giants of the early 2000's, the quasi-strategy Star Wars Battlefront games of the mid-decade, Creative Assembly's Total War series, Call of Duty, Battlefield, League of Legends, and newer games such as Fortnite and Overwatch. Most importantly, Aidan is conveniently placed somewhere that investors, administrators, and professionals are not - as a student at a major State University. That kind of experience is one that you can't find online.

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